Crystal Specialist Finance is an award-winning development finance specialist.

Development projects come in all shapes and sizes – from a £5,000 refurbishment of a buy-to-let flat to a multi-million pound construction project. We have specialist lenders that will look at ALL scenarios.


  • Land with or without planning in place
  • Commercial to residential conversion
  • Commercial development schemes
  • Residential development schemes
  • Exit development finance
  • First-time developers through to professional builders
  • Finance available for pre-sold off plan development projects


  • Convert to residential with expedited planning
  • Variety of property types now accepted
  • Operated in the majority of the UK
  • Funding available for conversion and exit
  • Excellent opportunity for developers


This product is perfect for developers who wish to release equity in a completed project prior to a sale having taken place.  This allows people to refinance a development facility before it comes to the end of the term with the added bonus of enabling some much needed cashflow to jump on to their next project as soon as possible.  With terms up to a maximum of 12 months, our clients have time to achieve the asking price they want and therefore maximise the profit on the scheme.


  • We have a comprehensive lender panel and each loan is considered on its own merits – enabling us to provide a tailored solution to fit individual circumstances.
  • We can consider loans of all shapes and sizes.
  • Development finance specialist in-house.
  • Loans from £5,000 upwards

"Development Finance can mean a lot of things depending on your clients’ situation. We can look at a wide range of projects"

Michael Fisher – Head of Development Finance


An Explosive Development

AN EXPLOSIVE DEVELOPMENT A development project in Manchester has proven to be a highly explosive proposition after the developer found a live World War 2 bomb being used as a doorstop! The deal – which was sourced through Crystal Specialist Finance and funded by Affirmative – required the removal of a number of dilapidated buildings...

Large Residential Development

LARGE RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT We take a look at a large development project case converting commercial offices into residential homes. Crystal secured deals totalling over £9.1m to ensure the successful purchase and development of a largescale residential project for an established property developer. The overall gross development value of the project was over £18m and included...

Complex land titles

DEVELOPMENT SAVED WITH NEW LENDER A broker approached us with a client who was looking to finance a development project in South Birmingham. Planning permission for 7 houses and 1 apartment had been granted and the construction had already started. During the initial solicitors’ enquiries, it came to light that there were two areas of unregistered...