Complex land titles


A broker approached us with a client who was looking to finance a development project in South Birmingham. Planning permission for 7 houses and 1 apartment had been granted and the construction had already started. During the initial solicitors’ enquiries, it came to light that there were two areas of unregistered land that fell directly on the dwelling. Even though the client had the relevant indemnities in place to cover this, the lender refused to progress the case and the development was at risk of being aborted.


Our development finance team arranged for the new lender’s solicitor to review the land titles prior to the new valuation at no cost to the client. The solicitor advised us to obtain a valuation report without the 2 unregistered plots. We discussed our plans with the lender and they were approved in advance. Once the valuation report was back, the lender was satisfied that there was enough equity in the site to provide the client with 100% funding. This included funds to replace an existing charge on the site. The extra due diligence we did front-end allowed us to find a solution for the client without the need for him to pay any additional fees.