Land with residential properties

LARGE PROPERTY GROUNDS RESOLVED THROUGH SPECIALIST LENDER A broker approached us as he was struggling to place a property set in 5 acres of land. The client was clean, good income, no issues – other than the large plot on which the property sat. The land was not used for anything other than being the property grounds. Outcome: We placed the case with a specialist residential lender at 3.59%. The lender was happy with both the client profile, and the specialist nature of the security, and completed with a free valuation in just 4 weeks.

Complex made simple

A CHANGE OF HEART LEADS TO A COMPLEX SITUATION We were approached by a broker to help his client – a 67-year-old dentist living in London - who was approaching the end of the term on his residential interest-only mortgage. The original plan was for him to retire and downsize outside of London, however the client changed his mind. He saw the potential to stay in his business due to technological improvements, which resulted in him wanting to remortgage for 5 years. Issues Faced: Age Term Had been running his business down due to retirement Outcome We discussed the case with a lender on panel and created a bespoke 5 year interest-only mortgage, not on-plan for the lender and ticking all of the clients boxes.